License To Carry Classes–July 1, 2, 2017**UPDATED INFO

The July 1, 2017 class is co-ed. Class begins at 9:00 a.m. with range firing first, place to be announced. Meet at the church at 8:30 to carpool. The group is hoping to be finished on the range before it gets too hot, and then the presentation will be finished at PGCC. Expected ending time approximately 1:00.

The July 2, 2017 class is for women only. Class begins at 2:00 p.m. at the church and will go to the range to shoot. Approximate ending time is 6:00 p.m.

There is a sign-up sheet in the back of the church. Everyone is welcome…feel free to invite any who are interested.  All questions can be directed to Jimmy Hutchison at 817-944-7690.

The cost of the class is $40.00.

***UPDATED INFO as of June 21, 2017

While the class on Sunday is designated as women only, it’s not actually strictly female. If the Sunday class would work better for you, it is perfectly okay for males to attend, as the intent is to keep that class predominantly female so they are not intimidated by a class full of men.

The cost of the class is $40 and that covers your shooting and class time. There are no range fees charged, and the class time is significantly discounted from the standard fee. Upon successful completion of the class, you will receive a certificate. You will still need to get fingerprinted, cost is something close to $10, and then submitting your certificate and the fingerprints and a state fee that is currently something close to $120 and covers a background check, your license will be sent to you in approximately 6 weeks. What you will learn is that there is current legislation proposing a reduction in that fee to a very minimal charge. Knowing that is pending, you may wish to wait to submit your paperwork until that ruling is made. It could save you and your family a bunch of money. Please ask the instructor for more information on this point.
The class time is designed to inform you of current laws and proposed changes that may be occurring soon. Your instructor will be fully informed on those laws so you can make good decisions. Safety and personal responsibility will also be discussed.
The shooting will be done at Roland Whitaker’s ranch. All participants are to meet at the church at 8:30 for the Saturday class and carpool to the ranch as it is necessary to keep vehicle traffic to a minimum on that property. For the Sunday class, you will begin your afternoon at the church for the class and qualify on the shooting range afterward, both classes timed to beat the heat as much as possible. You will need to bring your weapon (.380 or larger) and 50 rounds of ammo per person. It is actually recommended that you bring 100 rounds so that in the event you fail to qualify the first time, you could have a second chance. There will be a few additional weapons available if you don’t have enough for everyone. Bringing water is a good idea.

There is no lunch provided, but bring a snack if you are unable to make it until class ends at 1:00 on Saturday. On the Sunday date, there will be a break time between when church services end and the class begins, ample time to go somewhere to eat.

You must be 21 years of age to participate, and you may be asked to show a drivers license to confirm your age.

The State of Texas maintains a website you can visit if you need more information at or call Jim Hutchison for more information at 817-944-7690.

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